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You gotta, pop that styles, rock that watch dial
See that Benz? Cop that now
Drop that top down, they gon’ kill us anyway
Them cops Uptown hit homes with forty-one rounds
Live yo’ life, get yo’ ice
She been with you since day one nigga, trick on your wife
Spend that dough, when in doubt, take that trip
She ain’t living for the moment homie, shake that bitch
He that cool, he can’t take you nowhere? Leave that fool
Be that rude if he that cool
Save for what? Ball til your days is up
This place is fucked, all type of AIDS and such
How they make it where you afraid to fuck
They gave us drugs then turned around and investigated us
Life is short, then you on life support
So in between it all, I’mma say I seen it all, watch me

Place yourself in the shoes of true felons
And tell me you won’t ball every chance you get
At any chance you hit, we live for the moment
Makes sense don’t it? Now make dollars
(Watch me) You see me around some cheese
(Watch me) See me with hustlers around them G’s
(Watch me) Blowing ‘dro running through pounds of weed
(Watch me) At the bar baby, round’s on me
(Watch me)

Watch me turn something out of nothing, turn Platinum from Gold
Watch me light the Cohiba off the Viking stove
I take an empty bank account, fill it with O’s
I take an empty building then I fill it with hoes
Watch me, cop that Coupe, shine for the ladies
Have ’em saying, “Damn I never seen a watch that blue”
And while they still mesmerized I pop that cooch
Shit, law enforcement couldn’t stop that dude
Guess who? Fresh off of “Volume 2”
Back at you, peep the numbers my album do
They call me Champagne Hova, wake up with a hangover
When y’all think the game’s over, do the same thing over
Still with the same soldiers
Still getting brain and it’s plain ain’t a thing gon’ change Hova
Hop out the truck, hand on my cock and nuts
Who got the bank, I’m stocking it up, watch me

Yo the watch too rocky, need shades
Continental sitting on blades, spinning like waves
Gun too Brock-y, behave
Big shot, plus I’m feeling like Rocky these days
Ice don’t melt I could ski through a heatwave
Nights won’t help you see Jay, it’ll be day
My shit too bright, I rip through mics
Plus I push more powder than Crystal Light
Chick mad, said I hold my pistol too tight
Get a grip bitch, this how I get through life
I buy out the bar, spit Cris’ through the mic
See Jigga in the 6 and all the shit you like
See Jigga givin dick to every bitch you like
I told her, “It’s Jay-Day and Hit-You-Night”
You wanna, see me again you gotta get two dykes
I got rules I can’t hit you twice, you heard me?
Watch me

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Song details
  • Composition: Dr. Dre & Jay Z
  • Vocals: Dr. Dre & Jay Z
  • Release Date: December 28, 1999