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Always (Outro) - Bryson Tiller

Album: True to Self

genre: R&B / Soul

Oh, oh
Oh, yeah
Oh, baby
Oh, woah
Oh, woah
Oh, baby
Oh, woah

But I’m telling you, you know sometimes we
Sometimes we fight (oh, baby)
Sometimes we argue (oh, baby)
Know we don’t get along sometimes but (no I ain’t giving up on you)
(Baby) I could never give up on you, baby, ever
(No I ain’t giving up on you, baby)
(Hey baby, know we got a lot of work to do) Don’t you give up on me (yeah)
Only way we gon’ get through this is if we work together (oh no, no, no), for real
If we work together (oh I want you forever) we can get through this
And we could last forever, I don’t think I could get over you (oh baby)
(You will always be my baby) You were always, that’s truth, yeah

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True to Self Bryson Tiller album lyrics
Song details
  • Publishing: RCA
  • Composition: Bryson Tiller
  • Vocals: Bryson Tiller
  • Release Date: May 26, 2017