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Soon You’ll Understand - Jay Z

Album: The Dynasty: Roc La Familia

genre: Rap Rap / Hip Hop

Mmm, you don’t understand now because you’re cryin, and you hurt
You’ll understand soon enough
Soon enough

Let him hold you, let him touch you
Soon you’ll understand

You’re my best friend’s sister, grown woman and all
But you see how I am around girls; I ruin ’em all
Plus your mom call me son, around you since I was small
Shit, I watched you mature, nah, this ain’t right
But still when your boyfriend ditched you, life’s a bitch you cried
Over my right shoulder, I told you to wipe your eyes
Take your time when you likin’ a guy
Cause if he sense that your feelings too intense, his pimp’ll die
I bought you earrings on your birthday
Drove you to college your first day
It must be sad, though it hurts to say
We could never be a item, don’t even like him
You deserve better, this is ugly; Gina, please don’t love me
There’s better guys out there other than me
(You need a lawyer or a doctor or somebody like that you know?)
Like a lawyer or a doctor with a Ph.D
Think of how upset your mother and brother would be
If they found that you was huggin’ me
My conscience is fuckin’ with me

Man, I look in the eyes of our kid
This whole life, a kid that stole life and me together
We’re tryin, really tryin to make it work
I’m young, and I ain’t ready, and I told you

It ain’t like, I ain’t tell you from day one, I ain’t shit
When it comes to relationships, I don’t have the patience
Now it’s too late, we got a little life together
And in my mind I really want you to be my wife forever
But in the physical it’s like I’mma be trife forever
A different girl every night forever; told you to leave
But you’re stubborn and you love him and
No matter what, despite all the fuckin’ and the cheatin’
You still won’t leave him, now you’re grievin’
And I feel bad, believe me
But I’m young and I ain’t ready, and this ain’t easy
Wasn’t fair to tell you to wait, so I told you to skate
You chose not to, now look at the shit we gotta go through
Don’t wanna fight, don’t wanna fuss
You the mother of my baby
I don’t want you to hate me, this is about us
Rather me; I ain’t ready to be what you want me to be
Because I love you, I want you to leave, please

Listen ma, I mean, I seen you workin 2 or 3 jobs
Daddy left; I thought I was making things better
I made it worse

Dear ma, I’m in the cell, lonely as hell
Writing this scribe, thinking bout how you must feel inside
You tried to teach me better, but I refused to grow
God damn, I ain’t the young man that you used to know
You said the street claim lives, but I wanted things like
Bling-bling ice; I was wrong in hindsight
Shit, we grew apart, try to blame it on your new spouse
I know it hurt like hell the day you kicked me out
But your house is your house, I ain’t respect the rules
I brought crack past your door, beefed with rival crews
And who wants to be the mother of a son who sold drugs?
Co-workers saw me on the corner slinging Larry Love
Meanwhile, you working hard, like 2 or 3 jobs
Trying to feed me and my siblings, makin an honest living
Who am I kidding? I call myself easing the load
I made the load heavy, I need money for commissary
Try to understand, please

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Song details
  • Recording: Chauncey Mahan
  • Mixing: Supa Engineer DURO
  • Composition: J. Smith & Jay Z
  • Vocals: Jay Z
  • Release Date: October 31, 2000