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Paper Chase - Jay Z

Album: Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life

genre: Rap Rap / Hip Hop

Uhh, uhh, uh-huh
Uhh (paper chase)
Bonnie and Clyde
Y’all motherfuckers know how it’s going down
(gotta get that paper y’all)
That’s right, uhh
(Uh-huh uh, yeah, Roc-a-Fella, yeah
Paper chase y’all, paper chase WHAT? Uh)

Greyhound bitch, stay down bitch
‘Bout to set up shop with Jay, round this bitch
Half a brick of yay, bout to lay down this bitch
(til November?) Nah, I’m here to like May down this bitch
What you think? I don’t wanna have to spray down this bitch
Call my whole team, from around the way down this bitch
I’m trying to stay down this bitch, play down this bitch
Had a sound, so my nigga Jay drown the six
Roll the windows down and, wave round this bitch
But there’s a couple things ‘fore it’s OK round this bitch
Gotta talk to the natives, let em know I’m here
For all to get the paydays, first I line up all the haters
I got jobs for ya, drop Saabs for ya
More arms than Green Bay’s Brett Favre for ya
Money propositions hope that’s not a problem for ya
If so, Jigga be here, day after tomorrow for ya (That’s right!)

[F] Gotta get that paper dog
[F] Gotta touch that, love that, paper dog, uhh!
[J] Gotta get that paper dog
[J] Gotta have that grab that paper dog!
[F] Gotta get that paper dog
[F] Gotta spend that, bend that, split that, get that
[J] Gotta get that paper dog
[J] When I needs that, G stack, tell me where the weed’s at?

I got my two guns, I came to scoop ones
A down ass bitch and she down to click
Got a nice little hooptie that I get around with
And my plan is, not to leave this town til I’m rich
Gotta find a nigga selling all them ounces and shit
Tell them get down with the clique or get found in a ditch
See I drop down and strip, I turn around and spit
Not to hit em, just to let em know the sound of shit
Return later that evening in the club with Fox
And I got the snub nose for those that love to box
I’m in search of them young niggas that hug the block
All day, til it’s light gray outside
Shoot dice talking shit all day outside
And even when it’s hot, they outside
Let em know how its gonna go, Bonnie ‘n Clyde
And a-yo, you would want me on your side

[Yo, yeah] I got that stress and I got it the best
I ain’t got it to give, but I got it to test
And if you wanna get down, all you gotta invest
Is your time, I gotta move this in a week or less
For the next couple of days I brought out all I possess
The Rolex, necklaces with the VVS
Between the driver and the passenger where the TV rest
For my top draft picks I cop the new GS
Now all the little soldiers wanna roll with my team
Cause I ain’t sold em a dream, I just showed em the cream
Picked em up in the afternoons and told em some things
You know the regular shit you do when you molding them teens
Yo, never lay your head where you holding them things
Keep the family then your business, nothing goes in between
Never feared no man, put four in his bean
Drop your gun then, blow the scene, ya heard me?

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Song details
  • Recording: Manhattan Center Studios
  • Mixing: Jimmy Douglass
  • Mix Engineering: Todd Wachmuth
  • Composition: Timbaland & Jay Z
  • Vocals: Jay Z
  • Release Date: September 29, 1998