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Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Jay Z

Album: The Dynasty: Roc La Familia

genre: Rap Rap / Hip Hop

I thought this was America people!
Uhh, yeah, guilty until proven innocent huh?
That’s how we workin huh? Okay
Before me there was many; after me there will be none
I am the one
Uh-huh, okay, I see how we playin

Yeah, I get it down, anxiously the public can’t wait
Niggas had to have it way before it’s release date
Jigga get irate, press get it fucked up
Took me one point eight but I had to get it straight
Get the CD, twelve inch vinyl, get the tape
Jigga give out food for thought dog, get a plate
I get it down, get it crunk when I get in the state of mind
That what’s mine is mine, nobody get to take
I don’t bend, break, fold, scratch, go down
My mental rolodex see these words? I just don’t know
I know stress, drama, niggas upsettin my mama
Arrested, put in the lineup, tryin to put dents in my armor
But I’m a survivor, plus I’m liver than most
Out on bail, fifty thou’, still ridin with toast
I ain’t tryin to collide with folk
But I don’t want folk takin Jigga for joke
I guess you niggas just woke – good morning!

You can’t touch me, no you can’t touch me
Jigga, Kelly, not guilty
Try to charge me but I’m not guilty
I got, all, my mamis
I’ve got all of my mamis
Tell me, what you, want from me
Tell me.. what y’all want from me?
I’m not guilty

I see how you comin at me now, I’m cool
I’m not the snitch I don’t go to the cops to get rich
.. I go to the block and pitch
I go with the Glock and click, I go with the pop I’m sick
I go with you hard; I ain’t gon’ stop for shit
Look in my eyes dog, right in my pupils
If I’m your rival, why would I have to do you?
Press try to throw dirt on my name, disturbin my game
Seemed happy when they heard he was arraigned, glad he’s indichted
Got big money, big lawyers to fight it
Just like Cochran, cocksuckers you never see me boxed in
Y’all all knnow it, Jigga’s a fighter
Plus I’m claustaphobic, back on the streets before you know it
And my word niggas, I heard you niggas
I’m address each and every one of you cocksuckers
Fuck the white press, the block love us, hip-hop forever
B.I.G. is here, the soul of 2Pac hovers – above us

Uhh, okay, you on my radar, I got you too bitch
Got lame bitches tryin to fuck with my case
Same lame bitch I bust in her face
Honey just mad I got her fuckin replaced
Plus a birthday pass without me even touchin my safe
But I ain’t gon’ lie, the head was sick
But what we need to do, is put that mouth on a betta bitch
You heard the rhetoric: “Jigga hit me over the head
With a champagne bottle at the bar, can he buy me a car?”
Naw, how do y’all equate your pain
Would it all go away if I bought you a Range?
I got one or two of those, nothin gon’ change
For nothin else, you gotta live with yourself
Try and lie on Hov’ cause I ride on the road
In what, most would describe as a Rolls
NO, that’s that Continental T
The only car that fit intercontinental me, not guilty

I, am, the, one
Y’all, cats, can’t touch me

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Song details
  • Recording: Chauncey Mahan
  • Mixing: Supa Engineer DURO
  • Mix Engineering: Shane "Bermy" Woodley
  • Composition: R. Kelly, D. Stinson & Jay Z
  • Vocals: Jay Z
  • Release Date: October 31, 2000