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Buffalo Soldier - The Persuasions

Album: Street Corner Symphony

genre: A cappella Funk R&B / Soul

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo soldier, Buffalo soldier
Will you survive in this new land
Buffalo soldier, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo soldier
Tell me when will they call you, you a man

In the eighteen-hundreds
In Arizona and Mexico
There came a brand new soldier yea
The Indians called him buffalo

From prison camps and slavery lord
Oh the black man came to be
He was a hard riding hero
Of the tenth calvary, hut-two-three

You know many other soldiers
Lord they wanted to desert
They were tired of the hatred yes they were
They were so tired of the hurt
Some of them were tired of the killin’
And of the misery, oh lord
But they had to keep on fighting
So one day, we would be free
We want to take a little time and thank you right here

Buffalo soldier, Buffalo soldier

If you’d only listen to me, oh lord
Been a long, long time
I wonder will you survive in this land, ooh

Buffalo soldier, Buffalo soldier, oh yea

Please listen to me, mmm hmm
Tell me when, when will they call, you a man,oh-ah
Tell me when (When will they call you a man)
Will they call you a man

Oh lord, I wanna know when
When will they call you a man

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Song details
  • Publishing: Capitol Records; Shelby Singleton Music, Inc.
  • Co-Production: David Dashev, Eric Malamud
  • Composition: Barnes, Lewis, Smith
  • Release Date: 1972