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Second One to Know - Chris Stapleton

Album: From A Room: Volume 1

genre: Country

First you stole my heart
That was the easy part
Don’t ever tell me that crime don’t pay
[Now it’s in your hands]
Got to understand

Don’t put my love on your back burner
Never let anything that hot get cold
And if you ever change your mind
Wanna leave my love behind
Just let me be the second one to know
Yeah, the second one to know

my right hand
Sweat of the Promised Land
All I ask from you
Is to treat me the same way, too
Cause I don’t want to lose this thing we have

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This song is about a relationship that feels like it has a chance of working out.
Song details
  • Composition: Mike Henderson & Chris Stapleton
  • Vocals: Chris Stapleton
  • Release Date: 2017
He is asking her lover for truth and for letting him know if her love for him will ever go away.