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Nevermind This Interlude - Bryson Tiller

Album: True to Self

genre: R&B / Soul

Hush, ayy
I got things to, say I gotta, talk to you
Too much to talk about
Come clean to you
Too much

Touch down, shawty, I just touched down
Guess I gotta start a hunt down
You still givin’ me the run around (oh no)
Hit me with the addy and I’m comin’ now
Wanna get there before sundown (sundown)
Tryna be a better man
Came to tell you that we gotta start fuckin’ ’round
But you look good, I wanna fuck now
Make these other bitches seem basic (basic)
Livin’ where they go to vacation
You a goddess, you gracious
Look like a supermodel
But you modest, look what God has created (goddamn)
I’m tryna stop you from being famous (yeah)
From rappers knowin’ what your name is (aw yeah)
I’m barely famous and I hate it
Take your time, I’m just sayin’
I’m a selfish nigga on occasion (I’m selfish)
Fuck you ain’t know hate you ’til I crave it (I crave it)
Whatever you finna say, save it (girl save it)
I be like my bad, girl, I’m busy (I’m busy)
You know I always say the same shit (same shit)
Hit you when I’m back in the city
When I’m back in the city
Back in the city

Back in the, I could lose it all
Are you willing to risk it with me? Oh no
I guess we will never know
You think you know but you don’t
Trust me, you don’t know, oh no
I don’t send no more photos (no no)
And takin’ my breath, yeah, yeah
Got me in a choke hold *gasp* yeah
Got me in a choke hold
Bring you to where I’m stayin’
Whatever I was sayin’
Never mind what I was sayin’
Never mind what I was
Never mind what I was sayin’

Fuck it, never mind
I could never make up my, my

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True to Self Bryson Tiller album lyrics
Song details
  • Publishing: RCA
  • Composition: Bryson Tiller
  • Vocals: Bryson Tiller
  • Release Date: May 26, 2017