Keeping It Lit: How Today’s Artists Struggle to Stay Relevant

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Number 5 might surprise you!

Sometimes, when we panic we do irrational things. It only makes everything crumble apart faster, but in those moments we just can’t stay idle and let it be. If you are a competitive person, the struggle is ceaseless. You can’t be at the top of the professional ladder if you don’t always impress, as much as you can’t keep a player‘s attention unless you prove to be a fun, talented golden star.

Well, the music industry embodies both these issues. The competition is overwhelming and the public is like a hungry beast who thrives on what musicians release. Naturally, they can’t feed their fans the same dish every day, as they will get bored.

The world’s most successful artists are known for their being versatile and chameleonic. Giants like Madonna wouldn’t have several-decades-long careers without properly understanding the effervescent nature of popular music. They experimented and went with the trends, even if, as some point, the results seemed far from their artistic identities.

Some Pushed It Too Far…

1. Switching To Commercial Genres

One of our biggest problems as music lovers is when our favourite artist/band, whom we have adored ever since he was a no one that posted songs on social media, becomes “mainstream”. What does becoming mainstream mean? Usually the transition between two very different genres.

The death of that emo-spiked alternative rock was marked by a new wave of electro and synthpop. The artists you used to listen to during the struggling times of your childhood or teen years don’t provide that type of music anymore. In March 2017 the internet was flooded with comments such as “R.I.P Linkin Park” or “What happened to Linkin Park” after the band had released their latest single “Heavy”, a weird mix of pop, pop-rock and alternative R&B, which doesn’t necessarily sound bad, just basic.

2. Over-Sexualization

You know what they say… a pretty face can get away with anything. Even lack of talent. Mass media is keen on promoting picture-perfect artists because they are really easy to market. They are like a blockbuster chick-flick that you enjoy at the premiere but forget about it after a week.

Usually, due to insecurity, performers try to gain popularity with their looks, thus deflecting the public’s attention from the bad parts. Some abuse this trick and end up riding a concrete ball in their underwear, like Miley Cyrus, which is a shame because the girl can sing!

3. Unnecessary Eccentricity

About eccentricity… it’s not a bad thing… if you can master it. Otherwise, you’re just ridiculous. You can’t wear a meat-suit or a candy cone bra unless you’re Lady Gaga, a true queen of shock. Not to mention she backs it up with incredibly entertaining shows.

Speaking of meat, music gurus have been recently complaining about Katy Perry, who just released her fifth album, “Witness“. They don’t think she can own eccentricity because she tries too hard to please everyone. Her out-of-the-blue collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Migos, her sexual but feminist-themed and slightly funny music video, her attempts at making “purposeful pop” a thing (invented by her), everything kind of reeks of desperation. Or so they say!

4. Celebrity Feuds

We love watching a good scandal, but that’s what movies and shows are for. Why are some artists unaware of this? Take one of the most relevant examples, Nicki Minaj.

The rap diva has a whole black book, where she probably creates drafts of her numerous disses. She goes from one feud onto another like there’s no tomorrow. Basically, her number 1 rival is Remy Ma, whose fame comes mostly from being picked on by Minaj. Isn’t that ironic! Additionally, Nicki Minaj has argued publicly with Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato and the list doesn’t end here.

5. They Adopt Cats!

How is that relevant you may ask?! Well, the entire world loves cats. Just think about it, how many times did your cat get more likes than you? *cough*Macklemore*cough* It works for celebrities as well.

We, as animal lovers, root for other animal lovers. Artists with cats make us relate to them easier. It doesn’t matter that their cat’s name-tag costs more than your car. Animals make their owners seem kind, approachable. Moreover, we perceive those artists as more inclined to humanitarian acts. We would totally buy that Platinum-certified record knowing some of the money goes into grooming a little ball of fur. Additionally, cats bring joy, inspiration and keep away some diseases. You can’t be relevant if you are sad and sick. Not joking at all!

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