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Have a Banana! - The Beatles

Album: Live at the BBC. Disk 2

Is that it? Is that the end?
Yeah, yeah, that’s it.
Fade, fade!
Good track. Oh, well, we’ll stop there, stop there, stop there.
What an end!
Quiet! All right, George.
Hold it!
Oh, thank you.
Fade, you silly.
Well, we did. We did that. Oh, no! No! We’ve done that bit!
The train comes in now.
We did that.
To prove we weren’t playing the record, then, you see. ‘Cause, otherwise, there’s no point in you being here, is there? Ha, ha, ha!
Yeah, we did that, ’cause it sounds just like it, don’t it?
Pretty cool lot of fellows, aren’t you? Here, Ringo, have a banana, catch!


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Song details
  • Publishing: Apple Records
  • Co-Production: George Martin
  • Release Date: 30 November 1994