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Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast - Pink Floyd

Album: Atom Heart Mother

genre: Psychedelic Rock

Oh, uh, me flakes, then uh, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes… toast, coffee… marmalade, I like marmalade, porridge and uh any cereal I like all cereals… oh God. Kickoff is 10am

Rise And Shine (1:00 – 3:34)
Breakfast in Los Angeles, macrobiotic stuff

Sunny Side Up (4:29 – 7:44)
I don’t mind a barrack where I can bury my stuff in
I got terrible bank but I work rehearsing

… it’s ready for the gig
I don’t know
This electrical stuff I can’t bother with it so…

Morning Glory (8:17 – 11:54)
All my head’s a blank

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"Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" is the fifth track from Pink Floyd's fifth album, "Atom Heart Mother".
Song details
  • Recording: Abbey Road, London
  • Composition: Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason
  • Release Date: 10 October 1970
"Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" is a three-part instrumental song. The song includes background speaking by Alan Styles.