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Hell and Back - Metallica

Album: Beyond Magnetic

genre: Metal

There is nowhere else I can run to
She is wretched but she comforts me
After everyone goes home
She’s always there for me
And when the sun goes hellbound
And the moon does resurrect the night
I’ll hide within her
Not much good has come out the light

After everyone goes home
And I’m left here on my own
I will run straight to Hell and back
Straight to Hell and back
When they turn out all their lights
And I’m left to brood at night
Always return to Hell and back
Straight to Hell and back
Straight down

A lonely light in a window
Just longing for some company
Tragic, heartless and hateful
But there’s nothing as willing as she
And when the night has fallen
It falls hard and then it all begins
When she starts her calling
I feel my darkness growing from within

I become two
We become one
Unbridled… unequaled… unholy… undone
The path is cut deep
The path is worn well
I’ll follow my footsteps to the warmth of Hell
The warmth of Hell

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"Hell and Back" is the 3rd track off Metallica's 2011 EP "Beyond Magnetic".
Song details
  • Publishing: Warner Bros.
  • Co-Production: Rick Rubin
  • Composition: Metallica
  • Vocals: James Hetfield
  • Release Date: December 13, 2011
This song was produced by Rick Rubin.