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Elephant - Iggy Azalea

Album: Digital Distortion

genre: Hip Hop

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I know you probably hope I’m doing bad
I know you probably think I’m over privileged with a rich dad
Who put a check down and get my new pad
But that’s too bad
Cause I did this shit on my own, yeah
Whole lotta people who just couldn’t seem to go for it
Kept running like go force
I got the award to show for it
But they still don’t believe me
And they think this life is z, yeah
Why these people all despise me?
Yet these dudes wanna wife me
I must be doing somethin’ right, please
Back the fuck up, you lil’ side piece

Ey, ey, look
Better turn this [?] to a conversation
I got a question, is it politics or is someone racist?
Y’all one YG speak Na, Na, Na, Na
Clean [?]s, because because me girl

I’m just a girl who loves [?]
Want no problems, want no problems
You wanna know me? Come and ask me for your [?]

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Song details
  • Publishing: Def Jam Recordings
  • Vocals: Iggy Azalea