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Wolf Is The New The - Fake Shark

Album: Zebra! Zebra!

genre: Dance Punk

I’m feeling dirty, feel fucking gross (Yeah! )
Need a shower (Yeah. you need one the most)
Don’t tell me this is the next stop next to the river bed
Don’t tell me to stop (YOU… DON’T… NEED… SLEEP! )
Filthy and rich, dirty and old
The dirt is to be sold, not to be told
A toxic mess, candy cane vein
Filthy, wealthy and over played
Knowing all the saturations, owing all the reparations
(We’re so much richer now)
Fix up ’cause you’re fucking dirty
(We’re so much richer now)
Clean up ’cause you’re fucking filthy
(We’re so much richer now)
Fix up ’cause you’re fucking dirty
Fix up, Fix up, Fix up, Fix up…
Dissolving as the puzzles solving
Evolving back or just revolving
I’m sorry that you heard
I’m sorry that you know
Love you for your forever shocking allure

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Zebra! Zebra! Wavves album lyrics
Song details
  • Publishing: Vinyl Junkie, Phd Distribution
  • Co-Production: Andy Placek
  • Release Date: 11 March 2008