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Crowded Room - Christina Grimmie

Album: All Is Vanity

genre: Pop


How many times?
How many nights?
Wasted on trying to fit in
A different dress
Same old regrets
Vanity’s wearing me thin
And this exposure
Over and over
Who is that girl in my skin?
In my skin

Here in this crowded room
Under the pale white moon
Blinded and lost in the lights
Looking for somewhere to hide
Surrounded by faces
Laughter and voices
Alone here with everyone else
Here in this crowded room
I found everyone but myself
Oh yeah-yeah

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All Is Vanity Calvin Harris album lyrics
Song details
  • Publishing: UMG Republic Records ZXL Music, Inc.
  • Co-Production: Rune Westberg & Stephen Rezza
  • Vocals: Christina Grimmie
  • Release Date: June 9, 2017