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Tool Biography

Tool is a Grammy-Awarded metal band formed in 1990 and a milestone in progressive metal. They are known and acclaimed for the complexity of their compositions and the depth of their lyrics. Tool address subjects like philosophy and science.

Musical Evolution

At the time of its formation, Tool had a heavier and rough sound. The band’s first song was a bold objection against censorship of music. In 1993 the group released their first studio album, Undertow, topping the Heatseekers chart. The first single, Sober, became one of their most popular songs. Additionally, it received an artistic, mindblowing music video, to match the idea of addiction and emptiness expressed by the song. 

In 1996, the band released their second studio album, Ænima, achieving 3x platinum. Among the themes, it featured Egyptian mythology and sacred geometry. Moreover, it brought them a Grammy Award. Ulteriorly, Kerrang!  ranked it at number 6 on the 50 Most Influential Albums Of All Time list. The album generated several acclaimed songs, most noteworthy the title track and the single Forty Six & 2. 

Their third album, Lateralus, did not fall short, bringing them the top place on the U.S Billboard 200 and another Grammy, for the song “Schism”. The artwork, by Alex Grey, contains interactive layers of the human body. The final one, the brain, features the word “God”.

In 2006, Tool was already a worldwide phenomenon. 10,000 Days also topped the Billboard 200 and spawned beloved tracks such as Vicarious and Right In TwoHowever, this marked the beginning of the end. Finally, after an 8-year hiatus, Maynard declared that the band is preparing a new album. 

Maynard James Keenan

After his massive success with Tool, Maynard started a couple more musical projects, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. Apart from his diverse work as a vocalist, composer and producer, Maynard has also taken up acting and winemaking. Despite his rather solitary ways, the artist has proven himself, on many occasions, to be a philanthropist. He had a troubled upbringing, his parents divorcing when he was 4 years old. As a child, he lived his mother and her new husband in an “intolerant and unworldly household”. This served both as an impediment and a source of inspiration for Maynard’s art.


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