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Too Short Biography

Born Todd Anthony Shaw on 28 April 1966, Too Short grew up in South Central Los Angeles, California.

Early Career

Todd issued his first EP Don’t Stop Rappin’ in 1985. His first studio album got out in 1987 and was titled Born to Mack.  Life Is…Too Short (1989) and Short Dog’s in the House (1990) followed up.

Album after album, Too Short was experiencing with his sound. The 2006 album Blow the Whistle reached number 14 on the Billboard 200.

Relentless Work

After 2008, he collaborated with artists like Lil Jon, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Dr Dre and Lady Gaga. The rapper has The Pimp Tape on its way, with the single “Ain’t My Girlfriend”. This album would be his 20th.

I have long long long ago reached my hand over and patted myself on the back I and I know exactly what I did and I know exactly what all the others did and I know who the great ones are and I know who the overachievers are and who are the ones that over-excelled and left their mark. When you name them, the list is not very long and I’m on that list and I know that for a fact“, the rapper declared for Riot Sound.

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