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Tom Rosenthal Biography

Tom Rosenthal was born on 26 August 1986. He currently resides in London with his with Bella Pace and their two daughters and is one of the most underrated English singers and songwriters.

Early Years

Tom started his musical career in 2010. He uploaded to his Youtube account the music video for “Away with the Fairies.” Rosenthal caught the eye of the public when he was featured in a Skins episode. “Alo” contained three of his tracks: “Forgets Slowly”, Lights on But Nobody’s Home”, and “Take Care.” Since then, it became a normal happening for his songs to be used in the soundtrack for series or movies.

Releases and Style

He released his first album Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop in 2011. Next was Who’s That in the Fog in 2013, followed by Bolu (2015). All the aforementioned albums were issued through Tinpot Records. Rosenthal meddled with holiday songs also. He issued the Christmas single “Christmas Quiet” in 2012.

His Youtube channel consists of dreamy music videos, tear-bringing songs or comedic philosophical melodies. From “Karl Marx in the Bath” to “For You to be Here,” Rosenthal brings a new approach to pop music.

Photo Source: Tom Rosenthal