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The Pretty Reckless Biography

The Pretty Reckless is a New York-based rock band, currently consisting of Taylor Momsen, Jamie Perkins, Ben Phillips, and Mark Damon. Active since 2009, they’ve released so far three studio albums.

Early Years & Breakthrough

Taylor Momsen was already famous for starring in the popular tv show Gossip Girl when she started the band. After a few line-up changes, The Pretty Reckless began recording demos and performed at as opening act for the Veronicas. They signed with Interscope records and created “He Loves You and “Zombie”, which they posted online. Taylor cited Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett as her influences. In 2010, the group released their first single, “Make Me Wanna Die” and joined the Warped Tour. Furthermore, they released a debut album, “Light Me Up”which reached number 65 in the US and 6 in the UK. “Make Me Wanna Die” topped the UK Rock chart. Additionally, the album spawned another top 10 hit, “Just Tonight”.

Continuous Success

 In 2012, The Pretty Reckless released 3 successful singles, “You”, “My Medicine” and “Kill Me”. The latter featured in the finale of Gossip Girl and reached number 22 in the UK. Furthermore, the band opened for Evanescence and Guns N’ Roses. 2012 also came with an acclaimed EP, titled “Hit Me Like a Man”. The band’s second album, “Going to Hell” was released in 2014 and went Gold. It generated 5 singles, notably “Heaven Knows”. 3 of the singles topped the US Mainstream Rock chart. Another number 1 came in 2016, “Take Me Down”, preceding the release of The Pretty Reckless’ third album, “Who You Selling For“.


Photo credit: People