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The Offspring Biography

The Offspring is an American punk rock band from California, formed in 1984. Originally named Manic Subsidal, the band went through a few guitarists and drummers. Along with the likes of Green Day, Bad Religion and Rancid, the band is responsible for transforming punk rock into a commercially successful genre, in the 90s. The Offspring are currently working on their tenth album, due for 2017.

Early Years & Smash

Dexter Holland (vocalist/guitarist) and Greg K (bassist), who were playing amateurishly in a garage from Cypress, California, decided to form a punk band. In 1986, after achieving a complete formula, they released their first single, I’ll Be Waiting. In 1989, the boys created their debut, self-titled album, produced by Thom Wilson.

The Offspring made its mainstream breakthrough in 1994, due to the released of Smash. The album spawned two of the group’s most popular singles, Come Out and Play and Self Esteem. It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 11 million copies. Additionally, in 1996 the band produced one of their greatest hits, All I Want.

Americana & Recent Years

The Offspring’s most acclaimed album remains Americana, released in 1998. The record reached number 2 in the US and topped charts from all around Europe. It generated 3 immense hits, Pretty Fly (for a White Guy), Why Don’t You Get a Job? and The Kids Aren’t Alright.  Moreover, Pretty Fly (for a White Guy) made a huge impact on pop culture. The song is frequently used, referenced or spoofed.

After a few moderately successful years, the band returned to the spotlight,  in 2006. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, by itself, didn’t gain much recognition. However, the second single, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid, turned out to be one of the Offspring’s most beloved songs to date. Additionally, Hammerhead, the other single, also made quite an impression.

In 2015, the punk rock band released their latest single, Coming for You, upon their upcoming album.


Photo source: Loudwire