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The Martinez Brothers Biography

The Martinez Brothers is an American duo of DJs and producers from The Bronx. They gained recognition by performing in Ibiza. In 2014, Mixmag Rankings called them the DJs of the year. Moreover, in 2017 they performed at Coachella, which further expanded their fame.

Early Years

The Martinez Brothers, Steven and Chris, were born and bred in New York. They showed passion for music from a young age and joined the church band, with the help of their father. After experiencing with diverse genres, such as disco, soul and salsa, the two received DJ equipment. Their father always encouraged them in their pursuit of a dance music career. They got involved in the New York club scene and perfectioned their sound. Consequently, they began playing at more and more notable events. In 2011 they moved to Ibiza.

Recent Years

2014 was a very relevant year for them. They collaborated with designer Riccardo Tisci to created the soundtrack for several Givenchy collections. Furthermore, they founded their own label, Cuttin’ Headz’. Through their label, they released two EPs, Tree Town EP and Masters At Dutch. Additionally, they released two notable singles, Space & Time, with Seth Troxler and I’ll Be There, with Chic feat. Nile Rodgers.


Photo source: Parklife