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Terror Jr Biography

Terror Jr is currently enclosing the members Felix Snow, David “Campa” Benjamin Singer-Vine and Lisa Vitale.

Getting Together

David and Felix worked together before this project. They collaborated with Kiara for her single “Gold”. Terror Jr was created in 2016. Their first EP entitled Bop City was released in October, the same year.

“Terror Jr was born on the first day of Spring…3 seeds…Morphed together to create a demented flower. Growing on the edge of Bop City…They observed the people and wrote about their experiences as their own. Bop City is full of regret, attraction, ugliness, hope, and terror. Lots of Terror”, the band conceded.

Music Coated in Secrets

Terror Jr entered the public music scene with singles like “3 Strikes”, “Sugar” and “Say So”. There are suppositions about Kylie Jenner about being the lead singer of the group. The mysterious band is singing about love, addictions and sex with dream pop-like tunes.


Photo Source: V Magazine