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Tei Shi Biography

Valerie Teicher, known by her stage name Tei Shi is an indie pop singer and songwriter from Argentina. After two highly admired EPs, she released her first album, Crawl Space, in March 2017. The lead single, Keep Running, received a music video directed by Agostina Gálvez.

Early Career

Valerie released her first single, M&Ms, and a video for it, in 2013. The critics called the song “transportive and exceedingly gorgeous”, also highlighting the little instrumentation used. During the fall of the same year, she performed for the first time, for CMJ, an events & media company.  Furthermore, she released another acclaimed song, Nevermind the End, which also received good reviews and was considered an improvement structure-wise. Finally, the Argentine artist released her third single, Nature Vs. Nurture, near the end of the year.

Saudade & Verde

Shortly after the series of singles, Tei Shi released her debut EP, Saudade. The title is a Portuguese term for sentimental yearning. Ulteriorly, the EP was physically released by Turntable Kitchen, in 2015. Noisey called it a “layered masterpiece of melodies”.

Furthermore, in 2014 the artist collaborated with Glass Animals on the song Holiest. After that, she recorded a popular cover of Beyonce’s No Angel.

In 2015, Tei Shi’s second EP came out through the label Mermaid Avenue. The first single, Basically, was a sensation of Spotify, additionally spawning two remixed. Shortly, the song received a music video. The singer described the scenery as “a fun fictional comic world”,  where she and other women played the role of a “troop of bad ass girls”.


Photo source: Discogs