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Take That Biography

Take That is a British pop group formed in 1990. They have bee honored with 8 Brit Awards. They have a total of 56 singles to reach the top internationally. The legendary artist Robbie Williams was part of the band between 1990-95 and 2010-2012. Over the course of 27 years, Take That has released 8 albums, all high-sellers.

The 1990s

Take That conquered the UK music industry in the 90s. Not only their sound but also their cool look, both appealing to teenagers, granted them fame and appreciation. Gary Barlow, vocalist and songwriterwas always the central piece of the band. The boys released their debut album in 1992. Take That & Party was greatly appreciated in the UK but it did not spread the band’s name internationally. However, their next album, Everything Changes, along with its lead single Pray, topped the international charts as well. Nobody Else, the band’s third album, did not fall short. In 1995, Williams left the Take That. One year after his departure, the band split up.

The 2000s

The band reunited in 2006, after releasing a documentary and a greatest hits album. Without Williams, they released two albums. Both Beautiful World and The Circus achieved great success in Europe and together sold 45 million copies worldwide.

The 2010s

In 2010, Williams returned to the band and they released the album Progress. It turned out to be the highest-selling album in the 21st century. In 2014, they were left as a trio, but this time Williams remained in the band. They released a seventh album, III, which marked their constant line of success. The lead single, These Days, became their 12th song to top the UK charts. In 2011 Amazon declared them the “top-selling music artist of all time”. Furthermore, in 2012, Forbes stated that they were the fifth highest-earning music stars in the world. Finally, as of 2017, Take That had sold over 45 million records.


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