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Steel Panther Biography

Steel Panther is a satirical American rock band mostly known for their vulgar, funny lyrics and on-stage presence.

Early Formation

Lead singer Ralph Saenz aka Michael Starr,  drummer Darren Leader aka Stix Zadinia, bassist Travis Haley aka Lexxi Foxxx, and guitarist Russ Parrish aka Satchel first made their start in California. Under the name Metal Shop, which would eventually be changed, they performed covers in clubs on the Sunset Strip.

Career Beginnings

Thanks to their unique glam metal stereotypical personifications and tributes to Van Halen, the band steadily but surely began amassing a following. Sold out shows and an increased popularity made Hollywood pay attention. Steel Panther played the role of a metal band in a Discover Card commercial, appeared on The Drew Carey Show and the song FF was used for MTV’s Fantasy Factory. They were finally signed to the record label Universal Republic in 2008.


They first released the singles Death for All But Metal and Community Property, followed by the debut album Feel the Steel. The LP made their first entry possible into the Billboard chart with a number 98 on the US charts and 48 on the Rock chart. In 2011 they revealed a sophomore effort called Balls Out with features from comedian Dane Cook and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World was the 2014 single from the 3rd LP All You Can Eat. Two years later they welcomed the arrival of their first live album, Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage, accompanied by a feature film. In March 2017, Steel Panther revealed their 4th studio album Lower the Bar and released the cover song single She’s Tight. 

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