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Splashh Biography

Splashh is an Anglo-Australian indie rock quartet that developed a unique energy to their sound.

Early Formation

The band was first formed in 2012, in London where guitarist Sasha Carlson and singer Toto Vivian first came up with the initiative. They were later joined by bassist Tom Beal and drummer Jacob Moore. They had their first concert the same year.

Career Beginnings

They were signed to the independent label Luv Luv Luv Records and released in the UK the following singles Need It, Vacation and All I Wanna Do. Under the representation of Kanine Records, the band released their American debut album Comfort in 2013.


This LP was mostly compiled by earlier demos and did not include the other 2 members. For the majority of 2013, Splashh embarked on a European and US tour and countless festival appearances. The following year, as the second album was coming into its own, drummer Jacob Moore left the group. The group continued to tour while releasing new content at the same time such as 646, Comeback Soon, Pure Blue and Colour It In. After releasing a music video for the latter song, Angus Tarnawsky joined Splashh as their new drummer.

Hiatus and Comeback

As they were working on their 2nd studio album the band decided to split. The reason was that the music was beginning to lose feeling by trying to change direction in style. As a result, the arrival of Honey + Salt was canceled. Following a 2 year hiatus, the quartet was signed to the label  Cinematic Music Group and began recording their latest project Waiting A Lifetime. Staying faithful to their garage rock guitar sound, the album is set for release on the 14th of April 2017. Rings and Waiting A Lifetime were released as singles in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Photo credit: NME