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Space Cowboy Biography

Born Nicolas Jean-Pierre Dresti on 5 March 1975, Space Cowboy grew up in England. He started working in a studio after he graduated college.

Solo Career

Space Cowboy issued his first single, a cover of Prince’s song,  “I Would Die 4 U” in 2002. The song was the only single from the debut album Across the Sky (2003). He issued the album Big City Nights in 2005.  His next two albums Digital Rock(2006) and Digital Rock Star (2009) contained tracks that peaked charts.

Working with Gaga

Space Cowboy is best known for his work with Lady Gaga. He collaborated with her for the albums The Fame and The Fame Monster. Nicolas is one of the men behind singles like “Christmas Tree”, “Monster”, “So Happy I Could Die” and “Just Dance”.

I listen to a lot of music, all day, every day. So I try to bring the energy of those tracks, whether it’s disco, hip-hop, house, rock, and just basically put it into a pot and start creating, you know. So I try to have as much fun as possible“, the DJ declared for Higher-Frequency.

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