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Sirah Biography

Sara Elizabeth Mitchell, known professionally as Sirah, is an American female rapper. She is best known for featuring in Skrillex’s massive hit Bangarang.

Early Life 

Sara was born in 1998, in Long Island. She grew up in an artistic but poor household. Due to the rough atmosphere from home, Sara would frequently create graffiti, as an escape. She was arrested for it, and, ulteriorly several times for various other reasons. At the age of fifteen, she ran to Los Angeles, for fear of being placed in foster care. For a period, she lived in her car, in a garage from East L.A. At first, Sirah attempted to pursue a singing career but received a discouraging review of her voice.


The early period of her career was resumed to performing gigs in various countries, notably Germany and Romania. She would sleep on floors and earn very little money from fans. In 2007, Sirah released her first EP, Clean Windows Dirty Floors. In 2010, Skrillex discovered the young rapper on MySpace and the two began collaborating. Shortly after, they released WEEKENDS!!! and, one year later, Kyoto and Bangarang. In 2012, Sirah released two mixtapes, C.U.L.T Mixtape and C.U.L.T (Too Young To Die). Furthermore, she collaborated with Lupe Fiasco, on Lillies, and with Demi Lovato, on Waitin for You.


Photo source: LifeandTimes