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Sex Pistols Biography

The Sex Pistols was a famous punk rock band, which performed during the late 70s punk movement in London. Despite its rather short existence, the band is considered a milestone in punk history, having been part of its birth and inspiring countless musicians til present day. The band expressed nihilistic and anarchist views and militated against consumerism and politics through their songs. Sex Pistols were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

Early Career & Breakthrough

The infamous Sex Pistols was formed around the idea of Malcolm McLaren, the owner of an eccentric clothes shop. As with his “anti-fashion” clothes, he wanted a rock band to challenge all known musical concepts. Therefore, he formed Sex Pistols with Johnny Rotten, a kid with no prior experience, as the vocalist. They were not the first punk band, but they definitely stood out. In 1976, the band released their first single, Anarchy in the UK, which peaked at number 38 on the local chart. In 1977, the infamous Sid Vicious joined the band.

Highest Peak & Breakup 

The band released a second single, God Save the Queen. Due to the Queen’s upcoming Silver Jubilee, the song was banned in England. However, it was a high-seller, topping the independent charts. Moreover, their debut and only album came out. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols shook the world with its raw sound and savagely ironic messages. However, it was the exact result Sex Pistols preached against. Rotten especially considered their stardom offensive. Added to this issue were Sid’s obnoxious and violent ways. Among others, he assaulted an audience member and he wrote “Gimme a Fix” on his chest with a razor. Shortly after the band’s split and his inability to succeed as a solo artist, he is said to have commited suicide.


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