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Sarah P. Biography

Born Sarah Psalti on 14 December 1989, the actress began her music career in 2010. She collaborated with RΠЯ for the dream-pop duo Keep Shelly In Athens.

The Duo Beginning

RΠЯ and Sarah released numerous EPs and three albums. The name of this chillwave groups it’s actually a pun. Keep Shelly comes from the Athens’ neighbourhood Kypseli. They really hit the jackpot, performing in both North America and Europe. And the cherry on the top was the featuring at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. RΠЯ collaborated with Psalti on this project until 2014, when she quit and was replaced by Myrtha.

Solo Dream

Sarah released her debut EP Free in 2015. It was followed by the debut album Who Am I in 2017. Tracks like “A Letter From Urban Street” and “Berlin During Winter” show the potential of this new brand of a self-artist she created.

Moving to Berlin has changed me completely. I’m at a completely different point in my life than when I moved here almost one year and a half ago. I’m settled – I have a home, a loving partner and much work to do. I don’t seek for crazy adventures, but for stability. This means that musically and lyrically I explore different paths than I did before,” Sarah declared for Colorising.

Photo credit: Bertrand Bosredon