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Sarah Close Biography

Sarah Close is a young British singer and songwriter. She became famous on Youtube, by recording covers of popular songs. She also has over 300 self-written songs. In 2017, she released her first single, Call me Out and her first EP, Caught Up.

“Those who never try, never fail.”

The quote is listed as Sarah’s Story on her Facebook page. Sarah Close was born on the Isle of Wight. Her parents were in local cover bands, so she grew in a musical environment. She pursued music herself in 2009, by posting covers on Youtube. When she was eighteen, the young artist moved to London to study at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Eventually, she dropped out of school to focus on individual work. Her covers gathered critical acclaim and, in 2016 she had over 725.000 followers. Furthermore, she performed at various shows and festivals, such as Bestival and VicCon. 


In 2017, Sarah Close released her first single, Call me Out. Moreover, she created her own record label, The Kodiak Club, in order to have more creative control. The name “Kodiak” comes from one of her songs. Finally, she released her debut EP, Caught Up.

Sarah listed Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, Haim, Gabrielle Aplin, Bastille, Bronto, John Martin, Jonny Cash, and The Kooks as her musical influences.


Photo source: Wikipedia