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Sage the Gemini Biography

Early life

Born Dominic Wynn Woods on June 20, 1992, the rapper starting making music at an early age. He recorded his first track at 14 and it was called “Made In China”.

Getting Into The Rap Scene

Sage became viral on MySpace with the single “You Should Know” and from there, his career blasted off. The singles “Red Nose” and “Gas Pedal” were next for him and these ones not even that they got him critical acclaim, but also a deal with Republic Records. Since then, Sage issued his debut studio album Remember Me.

Dominic’s stage name, Sage the Gemini, comes from the colour of his eyes and his zodiac sign.

“I don’t know, I have a few. Going to NYC and being able to travel for the first time, you know just being a small-town kid and then being able to experience something completely different from where I came from all for work. And then there is the achievement of having bigger people in the industry recognise who I am and my work, that’s all good stuff.”, Sage the Gemini declared for MTV Uk.

Photo Source: Discogs