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Ryan Gosling Biography

Ryan Thomas Gosling is an Oscar-nominated actor and musician. He became famous in 2004 after his performance in The Notebook. Two years later he already got his first Academy Awards nomination for his role in Half Nelson. He is part of the indie & folk rock duo Dead Man’s Bones. He also amazed the world with his singing skills in the musical La La Land (2016).

Career Highlights

As a child, Gosling’s greatest achievement, according to the actor himself, is the participation in Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. Shortly after his coming of age, Gosling pursued more “serious acting”. His first relevant and acclaimed role was in The Believer (2001), where he played a young Jewish neo-Nazi. In 2004, was one of the leads in the iconic drama & romance movie The Notebook.  The movie is a heartbreaking adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ homonymous novel. It was a commercial wonder and brought Gossling many awards.

Furthermore, in 2006, he started as a drug-addicted high school teacher in Helf Nelson. Ryan Gosling received high praise and was described as “mesmerizing” and “one of the finest actors”. Another noteworthy movie in which he starred is Blue Valentine. Apart from acting, Gosling also worked on the movie’s soundtrack, both performing and writing songs.

Dead Man’s Bones & La La Land 

In 2007, Gosling recorded a song called Put Me in the Car and formed Dead Man’s Bones. The band released their first and only album two years later. Gossling did the vocals and also played various instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar and cello. Pitchfork appreciated their effort, calling it “unique, catchy and lovably weird record”. Furthermore, the duo performed at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, where they had a peculiar setting, formed of dancing neon skeletons and glowing ghosts.

La La Land is Gosling’s latest colossal success. Not only did the movie win 6 Academy Awards, but it also highlighted Gosling’s talent as a musician. He received his second Academy Awards nomination, among multiple other honors. Moreover, the soundtrack album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200. Ryan sang A Lovely Night and the uber popular City of Stars.


Photo Source: Cargocollective