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Ruth B Biography

Born Ruth Berhe, on July 2, 1995, Ruth B is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Musical Vines

She got the first grasp of celebrity with her Vine clips. Feeling encouraged by the number of views she got, she started posting on Youtube. From 6 seconds singing videos to full-length covers on Youtube, she harnessed a lot of attention.

Going Pro

Her internet notoriety got her signed with Columbia Records. Ruth issued the debut EP The Intro in 2015 that enclosed the single Lost Boy. In 2017 Ruth’s single “Superficial Love” saw the light of day.

“I think ‘Lost Boy’ is just really relatable. You can be any age from any place in life and you’re bound to feel lonely at some point. Little kids get it. Older people get it. The majority of the response that I got was, ‘Hey, I understand this song. This song makes me feel understood’, so I think that’s why it’s resonating with people”, she declared for Contact Music.

Ruth admitted that she likes the music of Lauryn Hill, Adele, the Beatles, Ed Sheeran and Carole King.


Photo credit: Idolator