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Robert Miles Biography

Robert Concina, known professionally as Robert Miles, was a Swiss-born DJ, composer, musician, and record producer. He was mostly known for his 1994 hit single “Children”, nowadays an iconic song of the trance genre.

Early Life 

Robert Miles was born in 1969, in Fleurier, Switzerland. He learned to play the piano during his childhood and, in 1984 he began pursuing a music career. His first years resumed to DJ-ing in some Italian clubs, private radio networks and, in 1990 he managed to found his own recording studio and radio station.

Breakthrough & Success

In 1994, Miles created “Children”, a trance-chill-out song with acoustic riffs and soft synthesiser effects, which later evolved in a dream trance song. It was a commercial success and became the artist’s most acclaimed song ever. Additionally, it was included in Miles’ debut album, “Dreamland”, and, by 1997 it earned Platinum and several awards. The record spawned two more acclaimed singles, “Fable” and “One and One”.

The DJ’s next albums did not match the success of “Dreamland“, however, Robert Miles continued mixing and working on soundtracks. Furthermore, in 2012 he founded a new radio station, Open Lab, which broadcasted in Ibiza. In May 2017, he met his tragic end, after struggling with stage 4 metastatic cancer.

Photo credit: Daily Star