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Rob Thomas Biography

Robert Kelly “Rob” Thomas is an American singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist. He is the lead singer of the consecrated rock band Matchbox Twenty, since 1995. Furthermore, he pursued a solo career as well, which turned out successful. Thomas earned 3 Grammy Awards for his contribution to Santana’s hit “Smooth”. In 2004 he received a Starlight Award. More recently, he released the popular 2005 single Lonely No More.

Early Life & …Something to Be

Rob Thomas was born in Landstuhl, West Germany, on Valentine’s Day, 1972. When he was still an infant, his family moved to the US. His parent divorced when Rob was two.

The artist formed Matchbox Twenty, which became really successful and, then years after that, he tried his luck as a solo artist. In 2005, his debut album topped the albums chart and spawned the international hits Lonely No More and This Is How a Heart Breaks. Furthermore, he performed in Philadelphia with Stevie Wonder.  In 2007, he recorded Little Wonders for the Disney animated movie, Meet the Robinsons.

Cradlesong & Recent Years

Rob Thomas’ next album was a described as a “more global, rhythmic direction after working with South American and African percussionists.” Cradlesong came out in 2009 and went to number 3 in the US. It generated one commercially successful single, Her Diamonds. While the rest of the album is about troubled relationships, the lead single speaks about his wife’s auto-immune disease, and how it saddened him. In 2010, Rob released an EP titled Someday, on iTunes. His latest album, The Great Unknown,  came out in 2015.

Photo source: SheKnows