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Ricardo Arjona Biography

Edgar R. Arjona Morales, known professionally as Ricardo Arjona is singer and songwriter from Guatemala. He also played professional basketball and worked as a school teacher. He is one of the most successful Latin American artists ever, having sold over 20 million albums. Arjona is nicknamed El Animal Nocturno due to his breakthrough album of the same name.

Early Career & Breakthrough

The latin music artist began his career when he was 21 years. He signed with a local record label and released his debut album Déjame Decir Que Te Amo in 1985. The album turned out to be non-successful but appreciated by critics. After the disappointment, he took a 3-year break. However, returning to the music industry with Jesús, Verbo No Sustantivo, Arjona gained commercial success. Furthermore, he gained more exposure in Latin America due to starring in a soap opera. In 1990 he joined Sony Music and released another unremarkable album. Therefore, he began composing for other artists. In 1993 he released his iconic album Animal Nocturno. The album spawned two top singles, Mujeres and Primera Vez. Additionally, it was certified x3 platinum and diamond.

Continuous Success

Ricardo Arjona proceeded with consolidating his fame with the release of his fifth album Historias. The album reached the Top Latin Albums chart, sold extremely well. Furthermore, it contained two hit songs, Te Conozco and Señora De Las Cuatro Décadas. Actually, it equaled the success of its predecessor, making the two albums Arjona’s best-selling ever. Over the course of 10 years, the prestigious singer kept releasing acclaimed albums and worldwide hits. Recently, he released the single Ella, which was massively broadcasted. The song anticipates his upcoming album, Circo Soledad.

In conclusion, Arjona’s music is very diverse, ranging from ballads to Latin pop, rock, and Cuban music. He usually exploits subjects such as love, violence, and racism. He received countless awards, including a Grammy and a Latin Grammy. Arjona released 16 albums and several compilations. Most of the albums topped the Billboard charts.


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