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RedBlonde Biography

RedBlonde encloses members Chinie Alina and Petre Mădălina. They met 13 years ago while participating in the second edition of “Școala Vedetelor” (Star School TV Show).

Early Years

While Alina is from Bucharest, Mădălina came there from Craiova when she enrolled in college. After Titus Munteanu’s “Star School TV Show”, the two were part of the cast for the show “Dansez pentru tine”. This show is the Romanian version of the famous “Bailando por un sueño” franchise. The group’s name was given to them on the “Tonomatul de pe 2” show, hosted by Cătălin Măruță.


RedBlonde gained national recognition after entering the selection for the 2009 edition of Eurovision. Their song was titled “Nu am cu cine” and was written by the famous songwriter Marius Moga. The girls reached the finals with their catchy and humorous song, but Elena Gheorghe took the 1st place with “The Balkan Girls.” They kept the name RedBlonde and continued to record together. For 8 years, Alina and Mădălina played regularly on the TV Show “Happy Hour”/”La Măruță”, hosted by the same Cătălin Măruță. There, they were nicknamed “Veverițele” (Squirrels). RedBlonde issued the song “BLL (Be Le Le)” featuring Krem in 2013. Following singles such as “Hai, Relaxeaza-te!” and “LeeChi” were released through the label Mango Records.

Photo Source: ApropoTV