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Rancid Biography

Rancid is an American punk rock band formed in 1991, by punk veterans Armstrong and Freeman. The band is credited as one of the promoters of punk rock, during its revival in the mid-90s. Though an iconic and successful band, Rancid remained independent and always kept to itself. Over the course of their lengthy career, the group released 8 studio albums and sold over 4 million records.

Early Years & Breakthrough

Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman had played together in the ska-punk band Operation Ivy, prior to Rancid. After a disbandment a few unlucky attempts to start new bands, all this on the background of Armstrong’s alcoholism, Rancid was born. In 1992 the band released an EP and, one year later, their self-titled debut album. In 1994, their second album, Let’s Go, was one of the elements that boosted punk rock music into the mainstream. Additionally, after touring with The Offspring, the band gained some exposure and made it into the charts. Notably, the lead single, Salvation, aired on MTV.

Success & Recent Years

In the summer of 1995, Rancid released their most successful album, And Out Come the Wolves. The record reached number 45 in the US and received a platinum certification. Moreover, it generated two of the band’s most beloved singles: Roots Radicals and Ruby Soho. In 1998, Rancid added reggae, rockabilly, dub, hip-hop and funk elements to their music. The album Life Won’t Wait received critical acclaim but didn’t sell as much as its predecessor.

In 2003, the band’s album Indestructible marked their highest chart position even reached, number 15. However, the album was released through a major label, which displeased the fans. After a two-year hiatus, Rancid released two more albums, Let the Dominoes Fall and Honor Is All We Know. In 2017, the punk rock band performed for the first time at the Lollapalooza festival.


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