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RAC Biography

RAC is an indie-electronic project created by André Allen Anjos. It spawned 200 remixes of various types of songs and artists. Moreover, RAC performed at numerous high-profile festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Early Years

The Remix Artist Collective, or RAC, formed in 2007, in  Greenville, Illinois, U.S. Anjos hired Andrew Maury and Karl Kling and released RAC’s first remix, for The Shins’ Sleeping Lessons. The band loved it and included it as a B-Side on their single Australia. The project gained some exposure and released an EP, Sega Vs. Nintendo, in 2008. Not only did it receive great reviews, it also got promoted on the popular gaming site Kotaku. RAC also caught the eye of major publications such as Pitchfork.

Recent Years

Over the course of its existence, RAC has remixed many consecrated artists such as Kings of Leon, Lana Del Rey, Death Cab For Cutie, Bob Marley, U2 and Lady Gaga. The group released their first original song, Hollywood, in 2012. The song promoted RAC’s first original album, 2014’s Strangers, which only featured Anjos as part of RAC. The upcoming album’s second single, Let Go, came out in 2013. Furthermore, Anjos composed music for HBO’s Entourage. Most noteworthy, RAC’s remix of Say My Name by Odesza received a Grammy nomination in 2016.


Photo source: TheSceneStar