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Monoir Biography

Monoir is a Romanian musical project lead by producer Cristian Tarcea. Despite being such a new presence in the music industry, Monoir’s first single, The Violin Song, conquered the local charts and even expanded internationally. Cristian has also worked on relatively important songs like Zaynah, Song Loud and All I Need.

Early Life

Cristian Tarcea started studying music ever since he was five years old. Eventually, he mastered the piano and the percussion. He graduated the University of Arts from Constanta – Musicology section. In 2008 he began composing and producing music. Four years later, he already owned his own label and recording company – Thrace Music. He worked with important local artists like Alexandra Stan, Raluka, Oana Radu, YellLow, Mohombi, Alex Mica, Costi Ioniță. 

The Violin Song

Cristian calls Monoir his “child” and his main purpose is to “bring joy in people’s souls, destroy all limitations and make music the only meaningful thing”. The massive hitThe Violin Song is a collective composition by Cristian Tarcea, Iuga Diana Cosmina, Osaka and Brianna, and samples a Bulgarian folk song. The video was also filmed in Bulgaria. The song gathered over 20 million views on Cat Music‘s official Youtube channel. Additionally, it reached top spots on the Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian charts. Ulteriorly, it also received recognition in several other countries. The artist began touring in 2016, in Bulgarian, and then reached Russia, Greece and Turkey. His latest song, We Had Lovefeaturing June, is also gaining quick popularity.


Photo source: Facebook.com