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La'Porsha Renae Biography

La’Porsha Renae Jennings is an American R&B/Soul singer from Mississippi. She is the runner-up of American Idol’s 2016 edition.


After graduation, a 22-years Renae became a victim of domestic abuse. After one year she divorced her husband and left with her one-month-old daughter. Due to the contest, La’Porsha gained a lot of attention from mass media, both positive and negative. Notably, people accused the singer of racism after misinterpreting a tweet.

American Idol 

La’Porsha entered the contest with Radiohead’s Creep and finished with The Animals’ The House of the Rising Sun. She demonstrated true versatility, performing songs from a wide range of artists, from Marvin Gaye to Rihanna.

Music Career

After her astonishing performances at the American Idol, Renae signed with Big Machine and Motown Records. Her debut single, Battles, peaked at number 22 on Billboard’s R&B Singles chart. A remix of the song became the theme of the United States Women’s Gymnastic Team for the Summer Olympics. Furthermore, the lead single from her upcoming album came out later that year. Good Woman reached number 6 on the US Adult R&B chart. The empowering, female-friendly song received great reviews. La’Porsha’s debut album, Already All Ready, was released in March 2017.


Photo source: Discogs