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Julia Michaels Biography

Julia Carin Cavazos, known as Julia Michaels, is a young American singer and songwriter. Julia shows great promise according to Billboard. However, Julia was present in top charts long before this. She wrote 12 hits that reached Billboard Hot 100. She collaborated with major names in the industry like Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears. Eventually, she decided to take up a singing career herself. Additionally, she plays piano and guitar.


Though writing for some of the most important contemporary pop music artists, Julia is also drawn to alternative, punk and folk rock. The list of her inspirational artists includes Laura Marling, Paramore, Juliet Simms and The Fray. According to Billboard, her voice sounds a lot like Sia’s. Julia also admitted during an interview with them that her childhood crush is none other than Justin Timberlake.

Writing Herself to Glory

At sixteen years old Julia wrote a few songs for the reality showThe Hills. She was still a teenager when she wrote Fire Starter for Demi Lovato and Miss Movin’ On for Fifth Harmony. At 19 years, she was already a strong component of the Hollywood Pop Circuits and knew everyone worth knowing. She partnered with veteran songwriter Justin Tranter, whom she was extremely nervous to first meet. They composed a song for Calvin Harris and Rita Ora, but it was rejected by the artists. However, that strengthened their collaboration rather than discourage it. More so, she wrote 3 tracks from Britney Spears’s Glory and co-wrote 12 tracks on Gwen’s Stefani’s first solo album This Is What The Truth Feels Like. She even tattooed her passion for songwriting on herself.

2017’s Breakthrough Singer

In 2016 she performed for the first time, during the 2016 Summer Olympics, along with Norwegian musician Kygo. The song, titled Carry On, is featured on his album, Cloud Nine.In January 2017, Julia wrote Issues and resonated with the song so much that she couldn’t bear giving it to someone else. Finally, she accepted her calling and recorded the song, which is now being promoted on her Instagram account. The young artist believes in embracing and expressing all emotions, which might be the root of her massive success.


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