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Jon Bellion Biography

Born Jonathan David Bellion on December 26, 1990, he grew up in New York.

Early Years: Mixtapes

Jon has made a name for himself composing and producing all of his music. His first mixtape Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 was released in 2011 and met with positive reviews.

Three more mixtapes were put together by Bellion in the following years: Translations Through Speakers (2013), The Separation (2013) and The Definition (2014).

First Album and Glory

2015 meant a series of singles like “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)”, “All Time Low” and “Woke the Fuck Up”. They were delivered through the label Capitol Records.

The shiny star of Bellon’s debut album The human Condition is the aforementioned single “All Time Low”. The album encloses also tracks such as “Fashion”, “Maybe IDK” and “iRobot”.

Regarding his song “80’s Films”, he was asked by Idolator what is his favourite 80’s film. Jon said: “I think The Breakfast Club. I think there’s something very corny and cool at the same time about it. I enjoy that movie”.

Photo credit: The Gaming Ground