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John Mayer Biography

Born John Clayton Mayer on 16 October 1977, the artist started playing guitar at an early age. Dazzled by the blues music, he started taking lessons from a local guitar-shop owner.

Early Career

Mayer quit college and started playing with a friend of his in bars, after moving to Atlanta. His first independent EP was titled Inside Wants Out. The first commercial single was called “No Such Thing”.

Freshly signed to Aware Records, John issued the online album Room for Squares (2001). He won a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Your Body is a Wonderland”, a Room for Squares’ single.

Growing Roots

His second album Heavier Things (2003) was critically acclaimed and a commercial success.With blues influences, the album Continuum was out in 2006. After he recorded a live session at Abbey Road Studios, he was nominated for five Grammy Awards in the year of 2006.

Mayer’s fourth album Battle Studies (2009) went straight to number one on the US Billboard 200 album chart. Following a hiatus induced by medical issues, Mayer released the albums Born and Raied (2012) and Paradise Valley (2013).

John Mayer issued the hit single “Love on the Weeknd” in the fall of 2016. The single is part of the EP The Search for Everything: Wave one. This EP was released in January 2017 and one month later the EP The Search for Everything: Wave Two came out.

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