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Jaymes Young Biography

Jaymes Young is an American indie rock singer-songwriter and guitarist who pursued music in 2013. His second album, Feel Something, is due for June 2017. The lead single, Stoned On You and the title track came out to critical acclaim in April 2017.

Life & Inspirations

Jaymes Young born was as McFarland in 1991, in Seattle, Washington. He was always a music lover and, at the age of 14, he began playing the guitar and writing songs. He took influences from bands such as Coldplay, Radiohead and Maron 5. Jaymes started his musical career by posting songs on Soundcloud. To date, he gathered nearly 85K followers.


The young artist made his musical debut in the fall of 2013, by releasing the Dark Star EP. Moreover, he signed with Atlantic Records and toured with London Grammer. During that same year, his first full-length album came out, also titled Dark Star. In 2014, he released his second EP, Habits of My Heart. Notably, the title track reached almost 5 million views on Youtube. Additionally, Jaymes featured in David Guetta’s I’ll Keep Loving You, along with Birdy. In 2015, he promoted his upcoming album with the song I’ll Be Good, which gained around 18 million views. In 2016, Jaymes began expanding his musical style and collaborated with an electronic musician, called ZHU.

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