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James Blunt Biography

Born James Hillier Blount on 22 February 1974, the English artist served in the military for 6 years.

Early Career

James was keen on music since his childhood years. He took piano and violin lessons as a child and when he was 14, he took up the electric guitar.

Blunt issued his first album Back to Bedlam in 2004. The musical gem of the album was “You’re Beautiful”. The single climbed straight to number one on the UK charts. A year later the song went No. 1 also on the Billboard Hot 100.  James’ album sold 11,2 million copies worldwide.

Further Career

Blunt’s second album All the Lost Souls was released in the fall of 2007 in both UK and North America. The album enclosed singles like “1973”, “Same Mistake” and “Carry You Home”.

Next albums for James were Some Kind of Trouble (2010) and Moon Landing (2013). The former debuted at number four in the UK. The latter contained the number four UK Single “Bonfire Heart”.

Success in this day and age means earning enough money. The pressure is to earn money so you are a viable option for a woman to marry and have kids with. I’d tell myself that you can do that, and much more than you could ever have expected“, he declared in an interview with Big Issue.


James Blunt has been nominated 5 times for Grammys. He won awards such as Best New Act and Song of the Year (with “You’re Beautiful”).

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