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Jain Biography

Jeanne Galice, better known by her stage name Jain, is a singer-songwriter from Toulouse, France. She is mostly known for the hit single “Makeba“, released in 2016.

Early Life

Jain was born in 1992, in Toulouse, France. During her childhood, she moved a lot with her family, due to her father’s jobs. She lived in Dubai, Congo, Abu Dhabi and finally, in Paris. All this helped her acquire a rich musical culture which later helped her in her endeavours.

Music Career

Before her rise to fame, Jain was a supporting artist. She performed with folk singer Yodelice and appeared on a TV show, Taratata, in 2013. After that, she began making her own songs and uploading them on MySpace, where she caught the eye of Dready, her manager. Jain gained local popularity with the release of her debut EP, “Hope”, and its number 1, platinum-certified single “Come”. In 2015, her first studio album came out, titled “Zanaka” (child). The record brought Jain more exposure in Europe and reached Gold. In 2016, the artist released another single, “Makeba”, which peaked at number 7 in France.


Photo credit: French Culture