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J Hus Biography

J Hus is from Stratford, East London and he started rapping at an early age. Nowadays his Youtube and Soundcloud channels are counting millions of views.

Straight out of Stratford

The singles “Lean and Bop” and “Dem Boy Paigon” helped tremendously built his celebrity. The young rapper has real skill, adapting easily from hit to hit and conquering fandom.

A controversial event occurred when he got stabbed in 2015. He posted a photo of him on the hospital bed making what were considered to be gang signs. He deleted the picture after 20 minutes but the attacks on him already started.

Dedicated Artist

After the stabbing incident, J Hus signed to Black Butter label. His mixtape 15th Day enclosed tracks like “No Lie” and “Guns & Butter”.

When asked by The Fader about the latter, he said: “For a business man, guns are things like property and stock market, whereas butter is things like cars and jewellery. In the song I talk about my ancestors’ land being robbed for all its guns and butter, and the same people that robbed them want to call me a criminal“. He also declared that the song “Lean & Bop” is for his little brother.

Photo source Courtney Francis Photography