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J. Bernardt Biography

J. Bernardt is the side project of the artist Jinte Deprez. He is also a co-frontman for the Belgian rock band Balthazar.

Past & Fresh Start

Jinte has played with Balthazar since 2004. He has a strong musical background and has worked with numerous people in the business. Balthazar’s last album was produced by Ben Hillier, who worked with Blur and Depeche Mode. The name of this recent project comes actually for his real name. Bernardt is Deprez’s fourth name.

Bernardt will easily win a place beside the likes of Chet Faker in the alternative R&B scene, with its fresh synth tunes and soulful vocals. In his first shows, he uses lots of midi tracks and loops. His keyboardist plays the bass and the piano on his synth.

Style & Personal View

This project is a type of refuge for Deprez, regarding the fact that he comes from a successful and recognised band. While he plays guitar for his rock band, he just experiments with synthesisers in this side project.

…when I write for Balthazar I have this sonic vision. I have a bass, some drums, violins and you think about this, when you start writing. So I wanted to drop every connection to these instruments. I wanted synthesisers, no guitar, no bass guitar, no acoustic drums. And I really like a lot of R&B and stuff like that. So there was a side of that in Balthazar as well, but it’s an indie band, so overall it stays indie music. But I wanted to enlighten this other side of me,” the artist declared in an interview with Reissnadel Musik-Magazin.

Photo credit: PlayItAgainSam